365 Challenge Day 93 – Ease

22 Aug

Today is my sixth day in a row of doing a yoga class, and it feels wonderful.  Last night I felt exhausted and couldn’t even imagine going to class again today, but I didn’t let myself even think about it, because I knew once I got a good night’s sleep I’d feel better.  And sure enough, today I felt fine, and didn’t hesitate, I just went.

I’m actually surprised I don’t feel more physically sore from going to class everyday.  It’s a pretty challenging workout, with a lot of strengthening poses.  But I feel pretty normal.  Maybe I’m not working as hard as I think : )

Anyway, tonight’s practice felt really different.  I felt a sense of ease in the class.  It felt like I was doing the poses at 85% effort, but only putting in 70% effort, if that makes sense.  I was more relaxed, but not holding back.  It felt great!

At the same time I found myself focusing more on the other parts of yoga that aren’t about the poses: the ujjiyi breath, the bandhas, and the gaze of drishti.  That was nice.  I’d like to continue to bring more attention to those.  On previous nights I spent a lot of time relaxing my jaw and my lips, which I could often feel tightening up. Tonight they felt more naturally relaxed.

I also felt less hot, even though I was sweating more!  Interesting!!


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