365 Challenge Day 92 – Thirst

22 Aug

Several days in a row of doing hot yoga, and I cannot quench my thirst!  I’m not talking about a philosophical, or metaphysical thirst.  I’m talking about a literal, physical, can’t-get-enough-to-drink, thirst!

Even when I’m not taking hot yoga, I’m always thirsty.  I drink so much water.  I figured out a few years ago that this is from having a dry mouth.  My mouth is always dry, no matter how much I drink!!  I don’t know why I have a dry mouth, I’m not taking any medications that could cause that.  I do eat a lot of salt.  Maybe that’s why?

Anyway, between the combination of already being constantly thirsty, and doing hot yoga everyday, I’m so uncomfortably thirsty!!  I bought a natural electrolyte mix, and have been drinking it by the gallon.  I don’t like drinking this late at night because I know I’m going to have to wake up to pee, which is annoying, but it can’t be helped, I must hydrate!!

I suppose I will adjust at some point…


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