365 Challenge Day 91 – Abundance

21 Aug

I went to yoga class again tonight.  Yay me!  That’s five days in a row of 90 minutes of yoga!!  And three of them were hot vinyasa, pretty intense. 

Yesterday I’d say I did class at about 90% effort.  Today, I could feel myself holding back a little, maybe I was at 70%.  I signed up for one month of unlimited, and intend to use it as close to daily as possible, so I feel like I need to pace myself. 

It was kind of a cool feeling actually.  I had this feeling of abundance, of spaciousness and boundless time.  Instead of feeling like I needed to cram my best effort into one class, I felt like I had PLENTY of classes to work towards whatever goals I may have.  In the past I went so infrequently that I often felt like I was getting worse at the practice instead of better.  Today I felt like I didn’t need to push myself to catch up or do better.  I could just show up, knowing that of course I’ll get better at it!  How could I not?

It was a great class. There was a new teacher, he was probably about 27 years old, and totally adorable.  His style was so fresh, and energetic, and authentic.  It was awesome.  It was also pretty challenging!  He moved us very quickly through the flows, so we worked pretty hard. 

I have one minor concern:  Since I try to avoid putting pressure on my wrists, I do a lot of poses on my knuckles instead. Especially during the sun salutations from high plank, to low plank, upward dog to downward dog.  My knuckles are already a mess.  They get calloused, and sometimes I even get blisters or cuts.  I also have somehow managed to get cuts on the outside of my thumbs.  I may have to start taping my knuckles like a boxer : )  That should be interesting!!

I guess my other concern is how I’m going to manage to live a life outside of work and yoga.  Today I went straight from work to class, got home, and at dinner.  I haven’t even showered yet or done the dishes, and I’m so ready to be done for the night!  Well, that’s okay, this may be a month when dishes go undone until the weekend.  Yoga is the priority! 



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