365 Challenge Day 89 – Focus

20 Aug

I went to yoga class tonight, even though it was my night with the kids.  I rarely do this, if ever.  I had agreed to meet my friend for a 7:30 class, which meant I had time to go home and get my kids settled with some dinner.  Normally I go home first, hang out with the kids, look in the fridge, and try to figure something out.  But since I knew I’d be pressed for time, it forced me to be more organized.  I planned a menu, stopped at the grocery store on the way home, picked up what I needed, got the dinner started as soon as I walked in the door, and we had an awesome sit-down meal in the backyard, all before 7pm.  It was a simple meal, homemade vegan pesto, pasta, and a yummy salad with baked tofu.  The kids both loved it!!

The yoga class, on the other hand, was less impressive.  It was fine, but just not my style.  This was my first time at this studio which I went to because my friend wanted to, she’s not a fan of hot yoga.  But the class felt slow for me, and I really didn’t like the music she played.  Annoying music in a yoga class can kind ruin it, right?  I was in the front too, right next to the speakers.  Anyway, the experience really confirmed my realization that I need to stop messing around with other studios and just go to MY studio, my favorite one, because it’s the best and I love it : )


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