365 Challenge Day 87 – Organizing

17 Aug

I am so excited.  I went on a crazy adventure yesterday to find the perfect spice jars.  I can’t believe I’ve turned into a person willing to spend $100  on perfect spice jars!!  Who is this person??  When I lived in Senegal for three years I owned one towel, which I used for home and the beach, and it also served as a potholder!!  I don’t think I owned any spices, just salt and pepper!  Well, those minimalist days are truly over.  I admit to owning a lot of crap, including 34 varieties of herbs and spices (yes, I counted.)  And now my task is organizing it all.

I have a very small kitchen.  I like it because everything is always within reach and it’s very convenient, but because I like things out of sight and off the counters, it does feel very limited for space.  I cook a wide variety of foods so I have a lot of spices, from Indian, to Latin American, to African, to Asian, oh yeah, and European and American.  I had a drawer devoted to spices, but it just wasn’t big enough.  I added a spice shelf to the inside of one of my cabinets, which seemed like a good idea, but cabinet was so full I could never close it all the way!  In the end I had spices stored in three different places.  It was messy, took up a lot of space, and I’d often look in three or even four different places for something as simple as cinnamon!



These are magnetic spice jars from The Container Store, stuck on my fridge.  The reason yesterday was such an adventure is because I first went to Ikea (an insane thing to do on tax-free weekend!!) I bought the magnetic spice jars from there, but they were HUGE.  Four inches across.  So, actually, at the moment I have spent a whopping $200 on spice jars, but the Ikea ones will be returned.  I stopped at the Container Store on the way back and these were PERFECT.  They hold the entire contents of the standard sized spice jar.  They even have little cut outs so you can twist the top and shake out the spices without having to open the lid.  I also bought pre-printed labels which are on the sides.

This was more about organizing then about decluttering, although I did find some duplicates to consolidate.  The only thing I considered actually getting rid of was the white pepper, which I don’t think I’ve ever used!

I also bought a few other organizing containers for the kitchen, like some baskets to store items in the hidden corner of my cabinets, and these tea containers.  I got rid of seven big, bulky tea boxes and put the tea in here:

photo(2)It’s the simple pleasures…


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