365 Challenge Day 86 – Focus

16 Aug

I went to yoga class today at my favorite studio, it was great.  Well, it was pretty good.  I took the Basics class because that was the best time for me today, and it was a lot slower than I was expecting.  But it still felt great to be there and to stretch and sweat.  The nice thing was there was a lot of emphasis on ujjayi breathing, locking into the bandhas, and on the steady gaze of drishti.  It’s easier for me to let these things drop in a faster class.

I’m still feeling really motivated to do Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution.  I bought the book today.  I’m looking for some friends to do it with me for support and accountability.


What I’m realizing is if I do this, I really need to focus my energies on one thing, yoga.  Of course there will still be work, and spending time the with the kids, and cleaning the house, and hopefully even socializing with friends.  But, a lot of other things may need to drop, like going for hikes, going for runs, going to Zumba class, and all of the other things I add to my to do list every week.

I’m a little nervous about saying I’ll do this, I’m very quick to rebel when I think I “have to” do something.  And I’ve just never been able to stick to a daily yoga practice.  I think I would do a lot better if I had a class or a group to do it with, and that might happen later in the fall or winter at my studio.  But I’m too impatient to wait for that.  I’m ready to start now!!  Maybe today is Day 1?


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