365 Challenge Day 85 – Inspiration

16 Aug

I did yoga at home tonight, about 40 minutes worth, with music playing.  In my yoga nook : )

It is definitely difficult for me to practice at home by myself.  It feels so lonely!!  I like the company of others.  But the barrier is mostly to actually get on the mat, once I’m there I’m usually fine.  I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s practice.  It went quickly, and I felt strong and balanced.

The air outside is cool and crisp today, even though it’s mid-August, it feels like fall.  The cool air is inspiring me to go back to my hot yoga class (always difficult for me to motivate in the summer.)  I was thinking about it today.  I have a studio that I LOVE, and it’s walking distance from my house.  How completely lucky is that??? I love the style of yoga they teach, Vinyasa flow, I love the heated studio, always in the mid-90s, not too hot (for me), the teachers tend to all be good, and the studio itself is clean and bright and beautiful.  It’s a pleasure to be there.  I think up until now I had this feeling that I should check out different styles and different studios.  But today I realized how silly that is!!  I thought, Hey, what I am looking for and what am I waiting for? THIS is MY studio!!  Just go!!

In fact, I was so inspired, that I contemplated signing up for their 40 Days to Personal Revolution program.  I’ve thought about it in the past, but didn’t think I’d really be able to fit in 40 days in a row of yoga while taking care of the kids; wasn’t sure if I could handle it physically; wasn’t sure if the intro to meditation sessions would totally annoy me; and didn’t like the idea of doing a 3-day fruit fast.  But now I’m thinking the whole thing sounds doable, and exciting!!  I’m not sure when the next one will be offered, but I’ll keep my eye out for it.  In the meantime, maybe I’ll do my own mini version.  I’m thinking about paying for a one month pass of unlimited yoga, which is about the equivalent of the price of 9 classes.  Believe me, I’m so inconsistent I’m sure I’ve never taken 9 classes in a month.  So, it will take some discipline to get my money’s worth.  But I feel up to the challenge!

I’m excited!!




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