365 Challenge Day 81 – Vegan

12 Aug

Two days ago my daughter announced she is now vegan.  Not just vegan, “hard core” vegan.  This was added when she was lamenting over having to give up honey, and I said some vegans aren’t that strict and still eat honey, and she replied, “No, I’m hard core.”  No honey.

I’m totally shocked she wants to do this (and totally excited, although trying to play it cool.)  She’s 14 and anything associated with Mom is uncool, and anything I pressure her to do is going to get the opposite result.

So I’m not sure where this inspiration came from.  She’s starting high school in a few weeks, and maybe she is looking for an identity that will set her apart from the others and be unique and interesting.  She’s never been into meat, she does like chicken but that’s about it.  BUT, she LOVES cheese.  And she HATES vegan cheese (believe me, I’ve tried sneaking it into her dinner more than once.)

She also said she wants a green smoothie for breakfast every morning : )

My daughter is lactose intolerant, and even though it didn’t bother her for years, lately it started up again.  In the last two weeks she had three nights of stomach cramps and vomiting.  She also happens to be allergic to eggs.  I told her she’d have to start taking the Lactaid pills again (which enable her to digest milk) and she completely surprised me by responding, “No, I’ll just be vegan.”


Maybe she’ll inspire me to be a little more hard core too : )


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