365 Challenge Day 75 – Yoga

5 Aug

I did yoga at work today during my lunch hour.  I had originally planned on doing some strength training, but I was running late and short on time, and decided not to waste time changing into my workout clothes.  So I lay down on the mat, in my office clothes, just to do some back stretches.  I ended up doing a good 45 minutes of thorough poses.  Luckily my pants were pretty stretchy!  I even did headstand and practiced scorpion pose.  And I did plank and some core strengthening.  It was great!  There is something very fun about doing a headstand in the middle of a workday : )  I was surprised how centered I felt, really dropping into my practice in the bright building fitness room.

I am also proud to say I ate nothing but home-cooked food today.  I packed a lunch and had my Haitian food leftovers, black beans, rice, plantains, stewed vegetables, and avocado.  My office-mate is Haitian and she had almost the exact same lunch.  She gave me some tips on making everything a little tastier because it did come out rather bland.  Then for dinner I made soft tacos with the kids.  We used soft corn tortillas, grated cheese (for the kids) tomatoes, homemade guacamole, cilantro, refried beans, shredded cabbage, and diced jalapeno.  My son said we should make fish tacos sometime, and I surprised him with the cod I had cooked last night.  He was very excited.  It was a great family meal, which we at outside in the backyard, a rare moment of relaxing outside with the kids.



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