365 Challenge Day 71 – Gluttony

3 Aug

After being away for a few days, I went out to dinner with my son to his favorite restaurant, an All-You-Can-Eat sushi buffet.  Since I have been eating seafood lately, I took full advantage.  I ate maki rolls, sushi, sashimi, and even tried lobster (not sure if I’ve ever had lobster before, I wasn’t impressed.)  I had some vegetable and shrimp tempura.  Basically, I overdid it a bit, the way one tends to do in these situations : )

But the most surprising part, is I finished the meal with REAL ICE CREAM.  So I had dairy and sugar!!  Both big no-nos for me!!  They had green tea ice cream which is one of my favorite flavors, and it was extremely delicious, I have to admit.  Since I was splurging, I ate a LOT of it.  I’m too embarrassed to admit how much, but I’d say it was less than a pint, so… not too bad, I guess.

I’m not sure about the fish, I’m not quite ready to give it up again, although I still feel very conflicted about eating it and part of me thinks I should be completely vegan again.  But I definitely don’t want to eat any more ice cream!! It’s a slippery slope.  But hopefully that was just a fluke!!

I’ve lost more than 10 pounds since I’ve been avoiding sugar, and I want to keep it off!!!  And it feels healthier.


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