365 Challenge Day 66 – Decluttering

3 Aug

Woah, I really got out of the habit of posting every day when I was on retreat, and now I have some serious catching up to do!

I am so excited about my new purchase!  I saw this on a video by a tiny house guy, who has a “paperless” office. (He has an AMAZING tiny house too.)

I really dislike all the paper that accumulates around my house, but am often nervous about getting rid of stuff.  This is the perfect solution.

photo 2

So I bought this fancy scanner, called a ScanSnap.  It can scan papers, business cards, receipts, photos, etc.  It can scan both sides! It has text recognition and can convert paper docs to readable PDFs.  And, it can send the electronic documents directly to your cloud storage such as EverNote, or Google Drive.  Wow!!!

It arrived yesterday and I immediately got to work scanning.  I can’t believe how easy it is to use.  And fun : ) I scanned insurance policies, kids school reports and medical records, friends greeting cards with pictures of their kids which I had taken off the fridge but felt guilty throwing away…  I feel so FREE!!  So far I have two bags of recycling!  With much more to come.

photo 1

I know, I should shred this stuff, but there is so much of it, I may just have to live dangerously and throw it straight into the recycling bin unshredded.

All these docs are now stored on EverNote, where I have a free account set up in.  I may go back and tag documents and put them in folders, but with the search function all I have to do is type in “vaccine”, and the kids medical records should come up.

I’ve never been great about sorting mail and papers, but now I know what to do.  After I dump the recycling, everything else should go into three piles: 1) To Scan (and then recycle); 2) To pay (or take some action); and 3) To file (mementos only, like kids artwork that I really want to keep.)


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