365 Challenge Day 65 – Vinyasa!!

27 Jul

My friend came and stayed with me, she is a yoga teacher, and as far as I can tell she’s pretty committed to daily yoga and meditation practice.  We set ourselves up in my yoga nook (yay!) and did a one hour class.  It felt so good!  That was the first time I’d done a full hour in a while.  And the first time I’ve done Vinyasa in a long time, probably since May.  It felt SO GOOD (worth saying twice!)

Vinyasa is a style that links the breath to the movement, rather than just holding the poses in a static way.  It flows.  It was only when I discovered Vinyasa that I realized I love yoga, before that I had thought it wasn’t really for me.  I would say the signature Vinyasa flows are Sun Salutation A, and Sun Salutation B, linked to the breath, of course, and often with a jump to and from high plank.  And a class can go through this flow a dozen times or more!  This develops (and requires) a certain amount of upper body strength, and energy.

Two things I noticed about doing this class with my friend 1) It is so much easier for me to do yoga with other people.  I have a very hard time motivating to practice on my own.  I need to get my butt to class at least once or twice a week; and 2) My back felt GREAT all day after I did the class.  Now it’s hurting again.  I’m not sure if I realized what a difference it can make.  I will often lay down and do stretches to get the kinks out, and go through some twisting poses like Reverse Triangle, but I don’t do the full class often, and doing so might really help my back.

I’m going to do some right now!


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