365 Challenge Day 64 – Running

27 Jul

I ran twice this past week.  According to my MapMyRun app, I ran at a 9.5 minute mile pace!  This seems a little too good to be true.  Since I’ve only timed myself twice, and the pace was so different each time, I need some more data.

But, the bad news is that my back is sore again. Really sore.  It hasn’t hurt this much in a few years.  It’s not completely obvious that it is the running making it hurt, but it is a good guess.  I also drove to NY and back in a weekend, slept on a couch, sit all day at work, and do other things that might aggravate it.  I also haven’t been doing my PT recommended exercises or strengthening core enough.  But the running is the newest and the biggest factor.

I haven’t totally given up yet (maybe I should, but I’m stubborn.)  I’m going to wait until my back feels better, and give it another try.  If the back pain comes back this strong again, I should probably switch back to the elliptical machine for my cardio : (


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