365 Challenge Day 60 – Retreat

24 Jul

Day 4

photo 4

I really connected more to the community and the teachings then I expected to.  When I have gone on this family retreat in the past I have often just gone off and sat on my own instead of socializing and doing the group activities.  But this time I really allowed myself to connect with the other parents and the volunteers, even ones who I had a hard time relating to in the past.

I felt like I found my “sangha”:  other Buddhist parents who were drawn to the teachings, but were figuring out how to live it in an integrated way, and include their families.   We talked about kids, we talked about relationships, we talked about work.  It wasn’t all about meditting and retreating.  It was about living a full life in an integrated way.  There were five of us that even decided to start a Mama’s sitting group in my area.  I’m excited about that!


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