365 Challenge Day 59 – Retreat

24 Jul

Day 3

The retreat center has undergone a lot of construction over the past several years.  Especially this past year when they build a new dorm, and gutted and fixed up another.  Everything is very new, and clean, and perfect, and orderly.  There used to also be several areas with amazing wild flowers, which they have replaced with mulch, rocks, and a few plants.  It all feels very masculine and sterile.

On this day one of the boys had a birthday, twelve years old.  After he went to sleep his mom decorated the hallway around his door, including things on the walls and hung from the ceiling.  There were presents and a bunch of cards on the floor in front of his door.  I loved it!!  I thought, this place desperately needs some color, some fun, and some vibrant energy.  I wish it could have stayed forever!

photo 2

In other news, I went running, and guess what!!  According to my app I ran at 9.4 minute-miles!!  Which means I’ve already reached my goal of getting below 10 minutes/mile.  Woo hoo!!  I’ll need some more data before I can claim this as my new time, it may have just been a fluke.


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