365 Challenge Day 58 – Retreat

24 Jul

Day 2

Unlike the silent retreats I go on, part of the ritual of the family retreat is going to a nearby lake, and then to a farm that makes homemade ice cream.  The farm has cows, sheep, chickens, rabbits, goats, and pigs.  The first day we went we discovered that the mama pig had 10 baby piglets!! Only one day old!!!  We spent a long time watching those piglets fight for a spot to nurse.  One little runt had a hard time getting in.  We all wanted to jump right over the fence and help it!!  They were super adorable.  If a little smelly.

photo 1

I was slightly tempted to get some of that amazing, creamy, homemade ice cream.  But, I was also slightly disgusted when I thought about the dirty smelly cows I had just seen and where the milk came from…  I resisted.

I listened to a dharma talk in the evening when the kids were in their group.  I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.  I thought I had heard enough dharma talks to last me a lifetime.

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