365 Challenge Day 57 – Retreat

24 Jul

Day 1

I was kind of dreading going on this retreat.  I have been having very mixed feelings about Buddhism in America, particularly around the way it focuses on silent meditation exclusively, and is not very family friendly.  This was a family retreat, but it was the last one, cancelled after 30 consecutive years.

I procrastinated so much on going.  My kids were packed and ready hours before me.  I did laundry.  I wrapped up some stuff for work.  I went running in the pouring rain and got thoroughly drenched (which was pretty fun, and made me feel like a bad ass : )  Eventually the kids begged me to leave and we hit the rode, arriving 5 minutes after the check-in was supposed to close.  But they kept it open for us.

Despite all my reservations, and the anger and sadness I was struggling with, I was surprised to feel happy to be there.  I was immediately greeted by many friends, families, and kids.  It felt happier and more joyful than I expected.

At night I stepped outside and saw a dozen fireflies hovering around.  I smiled and laughed out loud.  I love them!

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