365 Challenge Day 54 – Nature

15 Jul

I’m exhausted!  Not sleeping well for several nights in a row.  Driving for more than 12 hours yesterday and the day before.  To be blunt, I feel like crap.  I may also be fighting something off, I’m feeling really run down.  My whole body aches.

I had been vaguely hoping to run tonight, but opted for a walk instead, and I felt so much better afterward.  It was muggy and hot, but it was great to be outside, and it even started to sprinkle, which was delightful!!  (If it had been a full out rain causing water damage to my iPhone, I would have been much less delighted : )

Many of my nature-loving friends probably would not consider this pond in the middle of the city much of an escape, but this about as much nature as this City Girl needs : )  It was absolutely beautiful.

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

And, despite feeling so tired, I managed to cook two separate meals tonight, shrimp fried rice and sauteed broccoli for my kids; and for myself: a big pot of vegan kitchari.  I’m kind of obsessed with kitchari.  I’ll do a separate post about it another time : )

photo 5

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