365 Challenge Day 52 – Yoga

14 Jul

I drove about 12 hours this weekend, and I’m exhausted, and sore.  But last night I had several hours of down time, by myself.  I used a lot of the time to do yoga, core strengthening, and simple stretches; and it felt so good.  I feel like the combination of having all the time to think this weekend, driving and spending time on my own, plus the visual reminder of the dedicated yoga space I have created in my bedroom, has really sparked my desire to practice.  I feel a renewed sense of dedication and urgency in my practice, like it’s something I know I need to do.

I’ll definitely do some before I sleep tonight, to get the kinks out after the long drive.

The other thing that has sparked this sense of purpose is this fictional book I’m reading.  I had an audio book to listen to in the car, called The Friday Night Knitting Club.  I have absolutely no desire to knit.  But in the book the women come together around something that they love, spending hours talking, being creative, forming friendships and supporting each other.  So it got me thinking, what kind of community would I have that with?  And yoga is what came to mind.  I’m probably more passionate about dance than yoga, but I could just picture myself at a yoga studio, sitting in a little cafe area, drinking tea and bonding with all the other people who were on a similar path.  It really inspired me!!

I’ve been doing better at practicing at home, but now I’ve decided I really have to get my asana to class : )


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