365 Challenge Day 51 – Running!

12 Jul

I can’t believe how much I’ve been enjoying running.  Considering I didn’t run for 15 years, you wouldn’t think I’d care that much whether or not I do it on any given day!  But I must be getting addicted to those runner’s endorphins, or something!  I really look forward to it!  And really enjoy it!  And then look forward to the next time I can go!

It’s not that I’m particularly good at it, not at all.  All the other runners pass me.  Although I do pass the walkers, so that’s a relief.  Actually, I finally timed myself today.  I’m going on a road trip this weekend and wanted to get in a run before the 5 hour drive.  I am NOT a morning person, but I was motivated enough to get up and go.  I was just under an 11 minute mile, which is better than I thought!  I was sure I’d be at 12 or even 13 minute miles!!  I didn’t really think I’d care about my speed or about getting better, but for some reason I do… So now I have a small goal, to get down to a consistent 10 minute mile.  I think I can do it!


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