365 Challenge Day 40 – Sufficiency

2 Jul

I had my lunchtime meditation group at work today, we sat for 25 minutes.

Meditation can certainly reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, calm the nervous system, etc.  But to me, these are more side effects, and not the true goals.  Buddhist meditation is taught to eliminate suffering, or in other words, increase happiness.  It is a happiness that is completely independent of changing conditions.  It is a happiness that is always available even during times of sadness or pain, through a deep knowing that things will actually be okay.  It is a knowing that in this moment, right now, there is nothing that needs to happen or change or improve or be obtained in order to be happy.

Today I experienced this as a feeling of sufficiency.  A feeling that I have everything I need.  From this place of sufficiency I feel deep gratitude, because all the amazing things I have in my life seem to be above and beyond what I actually need to be happy.

I used to cling to this idea of independent, self-sufficient happiness as a way to avoid needing anything from anybody, to be as independent as possible, and to avoid getting hurt.  But now I see it very differently, we are not independent at all!  We live in a world of complete interdependence, and with that is the risk of conflict and of getting hurt.  Now I want to use my practice to remain more open, and more vulnerable; to dissolve the barriers we use to protect ourselves from others; to take the risk getting hurt, because I know that ultimately I have everything I need, and I’ll be fine.


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