365 Challenge Day 37 – Quality Time

29 Jun

I’m still in NY. I spent the day with my kids at the Brooklyn Piers. The sun bouncing off concrete feels twice as strong as when it hits grass and dirt! We walked around, spotted the Statue of Liberty, went swimming in the outdoor pool, and got lunch and soft serve ice cream (well, they got the ice cream, I got unsweetened iced tea, which I was equally as excited about!) It was a very rare day spent entirely with my kids and they didn’t even have their cell phones with them. And they survived! I feel like these are days they will remember for years to come.

I was far from vegan today. I had tuna salad for lunch and sushi for dinner. I have to admit both were delicious and satisfying.

The kids are watching a movie, and rather than sit with them and watch Finding Nemo again (which I would consider a form of torture) I’m in the next room and did 30 minutes of yoga. First yoga in a while! It felt really good!! After running and Zumba on Thursday, sitting in the bus for 5 hours yesterday, and then swimming and hours of walking today, I needed a good stretch!!

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