365 Challenge Day 34 – Rock Climbing!

26 Jun

I’m actually not really looking for a new hobby; I have plenty to keep me busy for the rest of my life!!  But on a whim I bought a Groupon for a rock climbing gym near my house.  A couple of months ago I tried bouldering there, and it was okay, I had fun, but it didn’t really feel like my thing.  Well, tonight I met up with a friend and tried the ropes for the first time, and I loved it!!

Did I mention I’m afraid of heights? I had thought the ropes would be much scarier because the climb is so high! But it was the exact opposite.  With bouldering, even though you don’t go as high, there is a definite possibility of falling, and it still feels like a long way down.  But with the ropes!   I didn’t have to worry about falling at all, because I was all strapped in and safe.  I also think it was physically easier for me because I wasn’t supporting as much weight.  My hands and arms cramped up very quickly with the bouldering, but not with the rock climbing.

Anyway, it was fun.  I don’t think it will be my new hobby, but it is a good thing to be able to do with friends, and a really fun place to hang out.  I’d like to bring my kids!

Otherwise, I had a nice lunch hour walk along the river at work; and after 10 days without coffee I think my energy is stabilizing a little, with the green tea I’m not feeling as much of the highs and lows as I did with the coffee.


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