365 Challenge Day 33 – ZUMBA!

26 Jun

After three weeks of trying, I finally made it into my Zumba class.  I called 34 hours in advance, I was still 41st on the list!!  This morning I called at 6:55am for tomorrow’s class.  I’m first on the list : )

I had a bit of a tough day yesterday, and going to Zumba made my day.  The music, the dancing, and the enthusiasm were just what I needed.  I was beaming ear to ear.  Whenever I go to Zumba my cheeks ache at the end from smiling so much.  The hour always goes so fast, it’s unbelievable.

I also had my weekly meditation group at work.  We did 25 minutes.  It really did feel like this little peaceful refuge in the middle of a hectic day.  It’s good to remember that is available to me whenever I want it.

Cooking and yoga continue to elude me…


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