365 Challenge Day 32 – Running?

23 Jun

Well, I am having mixed results with my attempt to add running to my cardio routine (and by running, I mean slow jogging : )

Ran 20 minutes, great, loved it.
Ran 20 minutes a week later, great, loved it.
Ran 30 minutes three days later, loved it, thought it was great…
Then two days later something cramped up in my right hip, with a sharp pain radiating all the way around my hip and into my lower back! It was so painful! And kind of embarrassing because I could barely walk, barely bend over to pick something up, and barely sit up again from a laying down position. Not so good. I thought, Crap, well my running days did not last long.

I took a hot bath, I took some ibuprofen, and the next day I went for a long and slow walk to get the kinks out. That seemed to help a lot.

I missed my dance class the next day which I was really bummed about because I haven’t been in a while and was really looking forward to. But I was afraid I’d really hurt myself. I did manage to go out dancing that night though, which actually felt fine!

So now it’s been a few days, and I feel pretty good. My hip still feels a little sore, but I’m walking and bending over normally.

I have not given up on running!! I’m stubborn that way : ) I was too excited about doing it again to quit so easily. Next time I will make sure I stretch a little better afterward and the next day.


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