365 Challenge Day 31 – Coffee… : (

22 Jun

After not drinking it all week I have discovered something disturbing and depressing about coffee: I’m allergic to it!

For several months now I had these small bumps around my chin, I didn’t know what the heck they were.  I tried various creams thinking it could be acne, dry skin, or a bacterial, or a fungal infection, or psoriasis.  Nothing helped. I saw my doctor who said she didn’t know what the heck they were, and told me to see a dermatologist.  I used an over the counter cortisone cream which made the bumps go away, temporarily, but they kept coming back as soon as I stopped using it.

Well, yesterday I wanted a special treat and got a decaf soy cappuccino from Starbucks.  I got home and looked in the mirror, and bam, red bumps on my chin, as bad as ever.  That’s when I made the connection.  HIVES.  From an ALLERGY.  To COFFEE!!!!

How could I have missed that??  This is why I gave up coffee in the first place way back when, and didn’t drink it for eight years!!  I never got hives before, but I did feel like it was negatively affecting my health.  And sometimes I would get swollen glands, or a sore throat, and could just tell it wasn’t good for me.  I’ve been drinking it again for about a year now, I think.  And was up to about 3 to 5 cups a day!!  Sometimes I’d get a latte with a triple shot!

So, this is a huge bummer.  Can’t even drink decaf.  I’m sure it’s good for my health in the long run that I’m giving it up again.  But not by choice : (


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