365 Challenge Day 30 – Reflection

21 Jun

Thirty days is one month of living life intentionally, and blogging about it.  I’m reflecting on the effects.

It has definitely been a great month.

Food: I have been eating very healthy, whole foods, still avoiding sugar, flours, and anything processed or artificial.  This has felt REALLY great. Lots of fresh foods and green smoothies! I have lost 5 pounds this month!  And 8 pounds in the past two months since I started eating this way.  Some nights I feel like my sweet tooth is starting up again, but I’ve been able to resist giving into cravings. I have not been entirely vegan, I started eating fish and seafood when I traveled overseas, and have continued even after being home.  I eat vegan most meals, but have enjoyed the flexibility of being able to splurge on sushi or scallops when out with friends.  So, I’m not sure when or if I will get back to being entirely vegan.

Caffeine:  I’m on day 6 of being coffee free!!  I’ve been drinking green tea by the gallon, but overall it does feel healthy.

Exercise: I’ve been consistently exercising, especially walking.  I’ve done some strength training, although probably not consistently enough.  I’ve done some cardio, even tried running! and this has been really good.  Could definitely use more core strengthening because I haven’t been consistent enough with that.

Kids: I have really made a point of spending quality time with my kids this month.  Especially after having been away for three weeks.  I went to all the soccer games, drove the kids all around to various activities, just to spend the time with them and let them know I was there.  I spent time sitting with them to organize their rooms, and help them go through their stuff.  And we all joined the gym together (which, actually, we have not really taken advantage of… yet.)

Decluttering: I got rid of bags and bags of stuff.  This felt liberating and amazing.  I’d definitely like to continue with more of this!!

Meditation/Spirituality:  I have done some kind of formal meditation every week, but not much.  This hasn’t been a priority for me.  When I do it, it does feel very centering and peaceful.  So maybe I should prioritize it more.  But mostly my spiritual practice has been interpersonal.  It’s been about the “application” of spirituality, not the “practice”.  In all my relationships, work, friends, family, I look at when I am clinging, when I am aggravated, when I am judgmental, when I am joyful, etc, and that’s where I do the work.  I try to bring more acceptance to my interactions, more ease, less animosity and friction.  It feels good.

Yoga: Well, I have to admit, this has been a bit of a disappointment.  The whole original point of this blog was to jump start my yoga practice, and it hasn’t really happened.  Clearly I have done lots of other great things, and I have done lots of stretching, but have not had a regular yoga practice since I’ve been back from my trip.  This is simply a matter of priorities.  I have the time and the energy if I really want to make it happen.  So, maybe this will manifest in month two…


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