365 Challenge Day 29 – Intention

19 Jun

The Universe works in mysterious ways. Haven’t you ever wanted something, and then almost magically it seems to happen?  Have you ever asked a question and then years later you get the answer in an unexpected way? That kind of serendipity happens to me all the time, almost daily.

There are many people who believe that if you put out your intention, the Universe will align to make it happen.  But today I’m talking about something much less metaphysical than that.

Even if you if you don’t believe in the magic of the Power of Intention (The Secret, or the Law of Attraction), there is no denying that having a clear goal or aspiration, and stating that goal, will help you achieve it.  Being clear on what you want puts you in line with that goal, so you can head in that direction, or at least know when you’re heading the other way!

I’m just reflecting on this in a very mundane way.  I had stated in this blog about three weeks ago that I should probably cut back on coffee, and on Sunday, when I ran out, I spontaneously decided not to run out and buy more like I normally would have.  Two days ago I said I should probably switch from black tea to green tea, and well, yesterday and today I’ve been home instead of at work and I only have green tea here, no black tea.  Of course I could have easily gone out and bought some Earl Grey, my favorite, but because I had just stated my intention to drink more green tea, I just shrugged and made the switch.

So I am now on day four of no coffee.  It’s okay.  I’m home today taking another four-day weekend using up some vacation days, and I definitely could have used some more caffeine today to do the cleaning I wanted to do.  Mostly I just sat on the couch, staring at the mess, and feeling the temperature in my house rise as it’s above 80 today and I don’t have AC.

I did actually have kind of a productive day, I made some important phone calls, made some doctor and dental appointments I’ve needed to do for a long time, and ran some errands.  I also finally managed to cook a meal!!  Not sure why I chose the 82 degree day to cook, but that’s just how it happened.  I needed some lunch and decided to make rice pasta, I don’t eat pasta very often because I usually cook dishes that go with rice.  As soon as I realized I had pasta sauce, I also realized I had broccoli, cauliflower, celery and carrots in the fridge.  I even had garlic and onions, olive oil, and some firm tofu to complete the sauce and make a full meal.  Those were just about all the ingredients I had in the fridge and it was a pretty nice coincidence that they happened to go together.  Some of the veggies were supposed to be for salad, some for smoothies, and some for Indian food.  It definitely wasn’t the tastiest thing I’ve ever made, but hopefully it got me out of my cooking slump because I’ve been spending a ridiculous amount of money on take-out and need to make some changes!




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