365 Challenge Day 27 – Coffee

17 Jun

Well, I went cold turkey off of coffee, because I ran out.  But this is not as impressive, or as stupid, as it may sound.  I didn’t cut out caffeine, I just switched to tea. A lot of tea.

I’ve done this several times before.  Sometimes when I was actually giving up coffee, and sometimes when I just wanted to do a detox or take a break.  I’m actually not sure which this will be!!  I guess it will depend on how dramatically different I feel when it clears from my system.  I don’t like tea as much so it’s easier for me to slowly cut down on the caffeine once I make the switch.

S0 I may end up drinking coffee again, but at the very least I want to cut down because I have been drinking way too much.  For now it feels good to be taking a break.


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