365 Challenge Day 24 – Spring Cleaning!!

13 Jun

I have about 6 days of  vacation that I have use before the end of June, use ’em or lose ’em!  Apparently I have been saving them for something special, but after all the traveling I did for work this past year I’m all about the “staycation”!

I’m taking 4-day weekends for the month, which is pretty awesome : )  Today I got rid of another huge bag of stuff, this time from my son’s room, all his old clothes that are too small or he doesn’t wear.  This was easy to do without him because unlike the rest of his family he is a natural born minimalist, my daughter’s room will be much more of a challenge.

I also did the last bit of yard work that was left over from the weekend, and I must say, it looks amazing back there.  It’s never been so orderly!  Can’t wait to have the next BBQ or night sitting by the chiminea : )  I know this rhododendron bush doesn’t look very exciting, but it was a monster, I trimmed it back by about 50%, and then raked a whole season’s worth of leaves that I had dumped behind it in the winter!  I am definitely in a mood for cleaning up, and paring down.



I spent the day volunteering at my son’s school at their field day.  Oh my God, I am exhausted.  I had more than 100 twelve year old kids, in groups of about 15, that I had to corral into jumping over sets of hurdles.  By the end I had totally lost my voice.  But I am happy to say no one got injured on my watch.  And I made up a pretty fun relay race on the spot that involved crawling under the hurdles on the way back.  I’m not sure if my son really appreciated my being there, but I’m really glad I went, and the teachers sure did appreciate it!!

Okay!!  Right here I am publicly committing to doing one hour of yoga tomorrow!!  And practicing scorpion pose!!  I’ve got all day free and no excuses!!

2 Responses to “365 Challenge Day 24 – Spring Cleaning!!”

  1. SimplyWyse June 13, 2014 at 12:18 pm #

    I love “staycations” … I love being home and rearranging and reorganizing. Good for you! I hope you enjoy your 4 staycation weekends!

  2. truebodymindsoul June 14, 2014 at 4:45 am #

    Thanks for the encouragement!!

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