365 Challenge Day 23 – Quality Time

12 Jun





Today instead of going off to do my own thing as I usually do on Wednesday nights, my son had a mid-week soccer game, and I volunteered to drive out with four of the boys (yes, I’m a soccer mom, and I have the Rav4 with a third row to prove it.) I stayed and watched the whole game, and it was one if the best I’ve seen them play. After we took he whole team out to pizza.

It was really nice to spend that extra time with my son. I know it means a lot to him. I missed a lot of his games while I was traveling. Finding quality time with the kids seems harder and harder as they get sucked into “screen time” and social media and prefer time with their friends.

I also took a beautiful walk at lunchtime and saw a red winged blackbird, some golden finches (I love them!) and the absolute highlight of my day, a mama and papa swan with five baby swans!! I’ve never seen baby swans before. And my coworker told me that swans mate for life. Amazing.


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