365 Challenge Day 22 – Zumba!

11 Jun


I LOVE Zumba.  But, I didn’t actually make it to class tonight.  The class I go to is so awesome, so fun, and the teacher so popular, that even though I called an hour early to reserve a spot, I would have been 16th on the wait list!!

Zumba is the perfect cardio for me!  I love to dance, but the amount of exercise in a regular dance class is hard to control.  The classes I go to will often have 60 seconds of intense cardio while doing a step, and then 4 or 5 minutes of waiting for another turn while others go.  And some of the steps might be slow.  Basically, the point of the class is creative expression, not exercise.  Zumba is dance, but with the express purpose of keeping it moving!!

The teacher I love is totally over the top.  She jumps all around the room, cheers, yells, pulls people up to the front of the class to demonstrate, has us doing dance battles and shaking our butts in each others’ directions, it’s fun and hilarious.  The class is always packed!  The Zumba slogan is “Ditch the work-out and join the party”, and that’s exactly what it feels like!!  The hour flies by, and by the end my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

I had been to Zumba before, and always it was okay, more fun than running on a treadmill, but not nearly as fun as a real dance class.  The students seemed to be mildly going through the motions, the teachers were good, but not as interactive.  Well, when I tried this class because a friend kept asking me go, it changed everything!!  I quit my gym and joined this new one, just so I could go to this class!!

I feel very grateful that I have found ways to exercise that not only keep me healthy and active, but that I actually enjoy and look forward to!!  Next time I’ll remember to call 2 hours ahead of time!!

Well, no one showed up for lunchhour meditation group today, so I took the opportunity to go for an hour long walk outside along the river, it was a beautiful day.

This blog is turning out to be much less about yoga than I thought it would be, but I am keeping active and healthy, so far so good.


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