365 Challenge Day 21 – Decluttering

9 Jun

I’m an aspiring Minimalist.  I got rid of several big bags worth of stuff this weekend, and it felt great!!  There was a point when I thought my inner minimalist would never find her way out, but slowly but surely, I have definitely been making progress.  I do still have a lot of stuff, but just aspiring to have less, and actively avoiding bringing in more, makes a big difference.

My three barriers are 1) I will buy just about anything if I think it will make my life more convenient, or somehow enrich my life.  This includes lots of games for the kids, and things like musical instruments, art supplies, etc. 2) I don’t like getting rid of things if I feel I haven’t gotten my money’s worth out of them.  3) Decluttering takes time, and I don’t like spending time doing it.  I recently decided I shouldn’t feel too bad about this, I figured, in a few years the kids will off with their friends and off to college and I’ll have a lot more free time, and no excuses.

Some tips that have helped me are: I don’t “collect” anything, not even music or DVDs; I do own a fair number of books, but I usually get them from the library unless I think I’ll want to reread them; I hate shopping, and definitely don’t do it as a pastime; I let my Costco membership expire because I realized I just don’t have the storage space to buy stuff in bulk; I love the feeling of giving stuff away; if I can’t get rid of clutter, I at least try to hide stuff!

I don’t aspire to be extreme about it.  I don’t need to pair all my belongings down to 100 things.  I don’t need to live in a 10 x 10 microhouse (although I do LOVE microhouses!)  I like a place to feel lived in, not barren and bare.  I like colors and art.  But I also like open and clear spaces, and recognize that life really is more relaxing and beautiful with less junk.

One book I read on decluttering had a great quote, she said something like, People often hang on to things they don’t use because they think they may need them someday, there is a great place to keep items like that, it’s called The Store!



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