365 Challenge Day 20 – Cardio!!

8 Jun

I went jogging today!! First time in more than a decade.
I’ve been wanting to for a while now, months, but I was afraid I would hurt myself. Well, we’ll see how I feel tomorrow! I ran for 20 minutes straight without stopping, and then walked (slowly) for about 40. It felt really good. I love that feeling in my lungs after they’ve been working hard.
I’m feeling very proud : ) I really didn’t expect to be able to do it. I thought I’d only last a few minutes or have to alternate between walking and running.
I can thank Dr. Amen for my inspiration. I’m reading his book Change Your Brain, Change Your Life, and it’s very inspiring. It’s amazing how we can heal ourselves if given the right conditions.

I’m looking forward to going again soon!


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