365 Challenge Day 19 – Traveling (again)

6 Jun









I’m traveling again for work, just for a few days.  Given my last few experiences I realized that it would be silly to trust the conference caterers to prepare vegan food for me, even if they said they would.  Well, sure enough, thank God I did not rely on them.  I would have been eating nothing but fruits and vegetables.  Even the salads, grains and vegetables have often been sprinkled with various kinds of cheese or eggs.

But, no worries!  I came prepared!  I brought canned bean soups (black bean, split pea, lentil, and vegan chili) and I brought pre-cooked brown rice, and canned dolmas (which are delicious!) I also brought breakfast foods, oatmeal, dried cashews and cranberries, and soy milk.  All this I supplemented with the fresh fruits and veggies from the meals provided.  Even so, I’m feeling lacking in fresh foods because I’m eating so much canned stuff.  But it’s okay.

We are in rural Virginia for the conference, everyone else said they are so inspired to be here out in nature, while I, for some reason, remain unimpressed.  I’m feeling a little trapped being out here in the middle of nowhere.  I went for a walk yesterday and took some pictures, and it was beautiful, but I guess I’d rather just be home, not ready to travel again yet.





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