365 Challenge Day 18 – Commitment

5 Jun

It has been harder than I had hoped to motivate for a regular yoga routine back at home. I shouldn’t be surprised. I’ve been home 10 days and haven’t even finished unpacking yet! But last night I stayed up past midnight, and still didn’t manage to fit it in. I went to bed with a sore and tight back, and had a lot of trouble falling asleep; yoga really would have helped! Why is it so hard for me to commit to prioritizing this practice? It needs to become a habit, like brushing my teeth. I haven’t given up though! It always takes me a few weeks to establish a good routine when I return from a long trip.

I used to meditate every night. I would not get into bed until I did it. Sometimes I would procrastinate and start sitting on the cushion at 1am. But I would do it. Now I want a different approach. I don’t want it to be all or nothing. I want a regular practice, but not necessarily every day.

On the positive I have continued to eat really well. I am addicted to my green smoothies! I love them! Today with two minutes to spare before I had to head out the door I craved the fresh, green, tangy drink and through some spinach, celery and strawberries in the blender, put it in a water bottle, and headed out the door. Yesterday I combined romaine lettuce, fresh watermelon, celery, and lime. It was a little too sweet, but delicious. I should have added some cucumber!

The weather has also been gorgeous and I have spent a lot of time walking outside these last few days.  Even got my first sunburn of the season!

Well, even though I’m exhausted I did 20 minutes of yoga tonight. I wasn’t super motivated, and 20 minutes even felt kind of long, but I knew I’d feel better after doing it, and I definitely do. Yay! Positive reinforcement!!


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