True Body Mind Soul 365 – A New Challenge!!

16 May

I’m excited!!

With this post, I am launching one year of intentional living.  The goal of this blog, which I started almost two years ago, has always been to inspire myself, hold myself accountable, and maybe, hopefully, inspire others, or at least share in the journey.

I have tried 30 day challenges many times, yoga, meditation, face book fasting…  and I have had somewhat limited success with these, especially daily yoga.  As I have said before, I often find myself falling into an all or nothing mentality, so that one day of slipping can equal instant failure.  So how is making this challenge 12 months instead of just one going to help me?  It’s going to have more goals, but more flexibility, and I think that will be the key.

I would love to practice yoga everyday, but when I have tried I found myself sometimes just going through the motions, or doing five minutes while laying in bed, just to check it off the list, which kind of defeats the purpose.  And, I have a lot of other aspirations in my life!  Not to mention a full-time job, two kids, and friends I like to spend time with.  And well, there is also the fact that I can sometimes be lazy, and rebellious, and don’t respond well to attempts of structured discipline.

I’m reluctant to be too specific with my aspirations, but they will be things that nourish me, spiritually, mentally, and/or physically; such as practicing yoga, eating healthy and vegan, dancing (LOVE to dance), exercising, meditating, decluttering, going for a walk in nature, or even spending quality time with my kids!  It’s flexible : )  The important thing is that I want to bring more intention to my days and my life.  I want to be strong, healthy, and happy.  I want to make sure I am using my time here wisely, and beautifully.

I’m off to a good start tonight with 30 minutes of gentle yoga and 20 minutes of meditation.

I do have one specific goal though.  THIS POSE:

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2 Responses to “True Body Mind Soul 365 – A New Challenge!!”

  1. daniellemylifewithless November 23, 2014 at 9:22 pm #

    Hi I admire this challenge, I would love to do something similar with similar goals (especially the yoga pose) just wondering how you came up with your daily things and how do you remind yourself each day what they are? Did you do it all in advance and write lists of it all or kind of wing it a bit? Sorry I know lots of questions lol just really curious and would love it if a year from now completed it all and be better person.

    Danielle 🙂

    • truebodymindsoul November 24, 2014 at 2:05 am #

      Thanks, Danielle! This is a really great question. I had to really think about it, because I couldn’t immediately remember what my process was for determining these goals. I think they have evolved over many years. Meditation, yoga and eating vegan for example, have been goals of mine for more than 10 years! Decluttering has been something I’ve become more interested in over the last few years. Spending quality time with my kids is always a priority, but it’s really just this past year or two that they’ve started to be so independent that I have to go out of my way to spend time with them!
      As for scorpion pose, I’m not sure why I love it so much! I think the first time I saw it I thought, I want to do that! It feels bad-ass! Really challenging, but yet, attainable. I’ve been trying to do it for several years now, but have never been consistent enough to improve my time much.
      So I don’t really need daily reminders about my goals, because I’ve been working with them for so long. But keeping the blog has really helped in keeping me accountable, and keeping these priorities in the forefront, especially for yoga!
      Thanks again for your questions, and thanks for reading my blog! Good luck! I look forward to hearing more about your own goals.

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