Clean Eating

16 May

I don’t know why people are calling it “clean” eating now, as far as I can tell it’s just a more acceptable way of saying vegan. But maybe it’s more flexible.

I try to eat vegan.  I’m a little sporadic about it, on and off again.  I’m allergic to eggs and dairy, so that makes things easier!  But I like the flexibility of following what I feel my body wants and not being too strict about it (although I greatly admire people who are strict!)

I started eating fish and seafood again when I traveled to Africa last August, then I went again October, and I’m back again now.  There are some good veggie options here, Chinese food, Indian food, and Middle Eastern, all great!!  But I’m often stuck at the hotel where there are no good options (if you care about getting protein, which I do.)  For the last several months I enjoyed going to sushi and splurging on scallops when out to dinner with friends.  It was hard to motivate to go back to being vegan even after I was back in States.  I had JUST started eating vegan again in March, when I found out in April I’d be coming back to Africa.

So here I am, eating fish again (well, I have to admit I actually really like fish and seafood, so guess this was an easy excuse.)  Four nights ago I was stuck at the hotel, and ordered shrimp, it came on skewers, with the WHOLE shrimp.  I’m used the to tails, but I’m not used to the little legs, the antennae, and the little buggy eyes staring up at me.  I had to take off their little heads to eat them.  I was not happy about that!  And they didn’t taste great.  I thought maybe they were fresh water and I was used to salt water shrimp?  They just weren’t very tasty, and needed more salt.  Well, I’ve been mildly sick ever since.  Mild stomach cramps and the runs.  It’s possible it’s from something else, but I’m convinced it’s the shrimp : (

Good motivation to eat vegan again!!  Which I have been ever since.  Actually for the last two nights I’m just having oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts in my room for dinner.  Oh well.


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