Sweet and Sugar-Free

15 May

Something recently clicked in me, with very little willpower or effort on my part, and I simply stopped eating foods with sugar and white flour.  About six weeks ago I went to a two-week conference and the quantity of sweets and unhealthy food was really unbelievable.  Somehow being in a different town, at the hotel, and surrounded by that much temptation, I just automatically thought, I’m not going to touch any of that!!

And it worked!!  Willpower is a very interesting thing.  Sometimes it seems you either have it or you don’t!!  There are things you can do to improve your chances, like they say getting a good nights’ sleep, but it often feels beyond our control.  While at the conference there were catered lunches, very rich and definitely not vegan, a HUGE three layer cake (or two) after every meal, a platter of pastries for a mid-morning snack, and another platter of pastries for an afternoon snack.  Oh yeah, and an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet every morning at the hotel with waffles, cereals, sausages, whatever.  AND, as if that were not enough, a couple of times a day the conference organizers would come around and dump bags of chocolates and candies on our tables to keep us motivated.  SERIOUSLY????

There was a time in my life when all of that would have been a nightmare for me, I probably would have gained 10 pounds in those two weeks.  I would have thought, I’ll just have a small piece of cake, and then spent 1o minutes fighting the temptation to get more, and then giving in and getting another slice.  But I didn’t touch any of it.  NOT ONE BITE.  And I think that was really the key.  It was easier for me, physically and psychologically, to just abstain from all of it.  And you know what?  Six weeks later I’ve managed to keep it up!!

I haven’t been 100% sugar-free or 100% healthy.  I’ve still been drinking a lot of coffee, probably too much.  My addiction is to get a soymilk latte from Starbucks, and the soymilk is sweetened. For the most part that’s the only sugar I’ve had.  I’ve avoided any desserts, and most processed foods, and most flours.  Mostly I haven’t really been tempted!!  I know that if I eat a dessert, it will trigger something in me and I’ll just want more, and it doesn’t feel worth it.  This is definitely a major shift for me because I do have a sweet-tooth, and for a while I would roam the corridors at work around 3pm looking for chocolate or something sweet, and believe me, these are never hard to find.  I would also find myself in my kitchen at around 9 or 10 at night, looking for a treat.  This was every. single. day.

I haven’t really changed much else about the way I eat.  I’ve still been eating pretty heavy foods, lots of beans and rice and avocados and nuts.  Stuff cooked with too much oil.  So it definitely hasn’t been low fat. I think I have lost a few pounds from snacking less and eating healthier.  My goal is to lose about 10, but I haven’t started going at that very aggressively.  I’m in a hotel again but will weigh myself when I get home.

Overall I definitely feel healthier. I don’t have strong cravings.  My energy feels more balanced.  It feels physically and psychologically wonderful to be eating such natural, healthy, clean, and plant-based, whole foods.  I’ll write more about that later.

Here is an article on willpower, and I’m sure there are things we do that can help, but from my experience I’d say it’s a matter of grace.



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