A New Beginning

14 May

I’m traveling again for work, and with five hours a night sitting in the hotel room by myself, of course, I’m inspired to write again.  No kids, no dishes,  just time, ideas, and inspiration.

Looking at my last posts, I realize how much things have shifted for me in the past couple of years.  WOW.  I feel so different in so many ways.  I was even thinking of deleting all my old posts and starting from scratch!

I still want to talk about yoga, and spiritual exploration.  I’d also like to put more emphasis on nutrition and a clean, healthy, plant based diet. And write a bit about exercise, in addition to walking and yoga, I’ve been doing more cardio and some strength training with weights.  And ZUMBA!!, which I absolutely love : )

I did a lot spiritual and mentally therapeutic work over the last few years, and feel like wow, I really made some important changes!!  So now, my energy is focused more physical health than on mental health.

I also feel an intense need to INTEGRATE my practice.  What do I mean by this… ? I have thought so much about this I will probably have to write several blog posts on the subject.  In a nutshell, I mean I don’t want to practice by escaping life (I’ve come to view the silent meditation retreats that way.)  Instead I want to live a full, passionate, loud, messy, sexy, REAL life, and practice with THAT!  I have been meditating for well over 20 years, and I know that is still part of who I am, but it started to feel fake.  I want to meet life head on, as is, authentically, and find the joy within the chaos.

I don’t know, I’m still thinking of deleting the old posts!! I want a fresh start!!  For now I’ve just changed the background color from a warm brown, to a pure white.  And the theme from a dark brown to a groovy pink.  I feel fresher, clearer, and lighter already!

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